Need Help with my launching!!!


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Is there any tips and tricks i could use to launch better. I'm bogging real ba out of the hole and its killing my 60's my bes was a 1.932 and my run was a 10.594 @132.79 mph. I went out and practiced earlier tonight and i'm launching a lil harder but i still am bogging out of the hole. Is there any clutch technique i should know AS i'm finding it hard to slip.


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Larry come up here and practice at oc on Friday night for 10$ the 1/4 mile guys here will be more then happy to help you out
you and brittan can stay with melissa and I


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Are pinning the throttle? You'd be surprised to see that when you think you are pinning the throttle you are really rolling on and not wide open. Practice technique.


A lot of different ways to approach the problem, and they are all important. Chassis, Motor, clutch setup, and technique. Books could be written on all 4.

Here are some suggestions on technique (assuming chassis is up to it).

Getting the throttle pinned and the clutch out as quickly as possible is the most important (perhaps obvious) thing you need to do. If you can't get the throttle pinned immediatly (see below) then try dropping the launch RPM until the front doesn't lift or the tire doesn't spin. If you can't get the clutch out soon enough, you have too much launch RPM. I actually count out loud off the top bulb to time when I launch and when I need to have the clutch out. I count out loud (timing boxes are banned were I race) from the top yellow on an even beat:

"one and --say "one" on the top bulb activation
two and
three and --launch on the beat of "and". your throttle should be buried by now.
four and
five --your clutch should be out our nearly on the beat of five.

It also helps to sync your rythem to the lights by watching the two runs before you. Its a pretty effective way of getting a good light as well. Try it; it works for some.

In the lower datalog immage, you can see I'm pinned at time = 0, and clutch is out about 1 second later. Black line is RPM. Red is Throttle position. You can see that the clutch is locked up and hooking at about 3 seconds on the log. The higher your launch RPM, the more your chassis will be challenged, but start at something like 4.5 krpm, and work up. Obviously the higher the "flash" RPM, the better. Clutch Flash (actually a car torque converter term) used in this context is the rpm that the clutch has at lock up. In this log, the clutch flashed at 7500. A good 60 needs the clutch lockup at or above 5500.

Practice a bunch and see what works for you. Just some quick thoughts...
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Well i went back yeserday and dropped my 60's from 1.9 to 1.7. My best et was a 10.43 @135.08 mph with a 1.702 60' and an r/t of .018. Ihad a few runs that could have been high 9's or low 10's but there were some issues like my glove got stuck on the front brake lever twice when i went to grab the throttle after i shifted into second gear and i banged the rev limiter each time and it slowed me down bad. and on one run i launched; i stood it up let off and thought to my should i run or let it go and i said **** it i'll run and still ran a 10.45.:thumbsup:

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