Las Vegas MEET - 2003


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We had a fair number of members interested in coming to Vegas for a Busa meeting in April of this year. However, no one is following up on the thread that started this all. Please let me know so I can block and my calendar and start planning the event. If no one can make it, I will still have a meet... alone... ;-(

Let me know.... here is the post from the RT thread.

"Sounds like April it is.

I am suggesting April 16-20th, although the whole month looks clean for me.

Do those dates work? Any other suggestions?

I picked those dates based on pricing hotels. Must be a slow weekend, as the weekend following, rates are way up. Weekday rooms are dirt cheap here anytime, except when big conventions are in town (i.e. Consumer Electronics).

I would recommend staying off the strip, but, if you have never been to Vegas, you may want to stay on the Strip. I will suggest a few hotels, book away if you want.

The Luxor on the Strip is great and rates are way down that weekend.

Here is my TOP PICK for off the strip. This place RULES (Right Owen). I know the bartenders and bottles of Tecate are $1 24-7! Rooms are as low as $20/night and it is clean and nice.

As far as on the Strip, lesser priced places would be the Excaliber or Bally's... look them up yourself.

So, are we on? Who is in? Where ya wanna stay? "
Doc, as I emailed you earlier, I will find out by saturday if those dates will work. I'm pretty sure they will, just need to confirm.
IF I come I'm bringing some partners with me.......we might make it......have been talking about it.
Set a date, if I'm not busy, I'll be there...
Count me as a definate "maybe" I wanna do all the events I can this year. How far is that from Reno? My cuz says Reno is about 3 & 1/2 hrs from where I'll be. uuuuuuh that would be 1& 1/2 hrs by Busa I guess.
You're right Doc, the Fiesta was cool! Fix a hard date and I'll try to get the time off. Vegas, cool, Yeah.

Danno! can't wait to see you riding again! How's the leg?
i might be in! i can definately get those days off and i could stay with my grandparents.they live in north vegas. i will give a definate answer in the next few weeks. should be a great ride. who will be going from los angeles area ( im in the san fernando valley)
I can't get that week off. But I could get the next one.

Cisco, I'm in Canyon Country. We should hook up sometime. I work at Winnetka and Prairie. Where are you at in the Valley?
How about April 16th-20th? or....?
Okay dog gonnit. Doc first, check my reply to your overheating problem on

set the date. If Owen can make it the following weekend, then so be it. I <span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'>AM</span> going to be there. I will trailer my busie so's I can bring da fam.

Doc - hook me up with some stuff for kids... ie, play palace's or something like that. This trip will have to be a multi-platform event for me.

Dang. just started raining.
OK, the DATES ARE April 23rd-27th. I will take Thursday and Friday off work if people are going to show. Let me know when you will be here and where you are staying. You can use my email for more details too.

Can't Wait!
brennanop im in canoga park/woodland hills area. right off of desoto between sherman way and canoga. if you ride around there alot i have seen you when i am in my cage. but never when i am on my busa.
I'll get the time off when I go to work Tue!!!

Cisco, when and where do you usually go riding?
You guys are kinning me with this one. I have tried to ignore it. I don't really have the time, and shouldn't spend the money, but the Busa and Vegas are hard to pass up. However, it looks like those dates wouldn't work for me anyway. I will probably be taking my girls to Disney that week. It is part of my compromise that will free me up for Laguna Seca this Summer. If anything changes, I will let you know.

Cache, how many bikes does your trailer hold?