Kudos to Rhythm


Just wanted to say thanks to Rhythm. I bought a hayabusa seat from him and he delivered it as he said he would and he was totally straight with me.

We always knock the guys that we have problems with when we do business and not put in a good word for those who do what's right, so I just wanted to say that Rhythm will do what he says and it was a pleasure doing business with him.
Hey thankz for the compliment Ben ;but you know what they say no news is good news especially when it comes to selling anything.  Well  for the rest of you Playaz that I'm holding parts for and havent sent your money >>>>>>>>>>guesss what ?  Your run'n out of time and I'll be repostn these item next week.  If anyone  want me to send it COD to them I only request that you send the COD charge to me first before I send out the product so that if you decide not to acceptyou will have lost the COD charge since you declined the packaged and requested it COD delivery.  It's bad enuff just loosing the shipping charge if someone decide to change thier mind at the last min but to also include COD charge . I dont think so.
Ol Rhythm is ooooooooooooK