Kawasaki ZZR 1200


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Anyone familiar with this bike? Apparently, it was new last year. It is a good looking bike. I really like what they did with both the front and rear lights. So with this Sport Tourer around, why all the hype over the FJR? What makes The Yamaha better...Hank?



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Kawasaki's website shows the bike with bags, but I am sure they cost extrea.

Rear lights



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I think thats got a more "sport" look than the FJR pics Hank posted...  It's more .. "tour" I think.

I'm not sure how I feel about those lights... kinda like bug eyes with antennea (front) and bug eyes with white ears (back) or something.. Definatly be able to see the turn signals though.


For the ZZR1200, it's basically a bored out ZX-11 engine, wrapped up in sport touring plastic.  Supposed to have over 130 horsepower at the rear wheel.  Definitely more sport oriented, but a little on the heavy side around 600 pounds.


No typo, it's in excess of 600 pounds wet, I just checked an old Cycleworld magazine, July 2002, 567 lb's dry.  However, so is the FJR, the BMW K1200, etc.  The full fairing's and luggage do add some weight, plus the larger gas tanks.  That is not considered heavy for a sport touring bike.


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Isn't the 'busa technically a sport tourer?? ..

Thats wild. I wouldn't have thought that at all. If I'm riding a bike that weighs over 600 it's a goldwing.. or nuffin'.


I think it was Rider mag. that had a write up on this bike as a Sport tourer. THe writer was not impressed with the stock bike. Only after modifications was he satisfied at all. Bar risers, shield and a lot of other stuff was put on the bike. In the end he said it was a good bike, but cost wound up more than some other ST'ers.



The ST1300 is a sport-TOURING bike.
The FJR is a SPORT-touring bike.
And the ZZR1200 is a, hum, an updated ZZR1100?

The ZZR1200 has a more aggressive seating position than the ST1300 or FJR1300 (more like the Busa with Heli-bars). It is a great straight-line missile as the ZZR1100 was. And by what BIKE (uk) say's performance is right up with the Busa and ZX-12 (really close). Apparently it will smoke a Blackbird (big deal). Any way’s it sounds like it's an updated ZZR1100 basically and takes some muscling to get around the corners like the old one. Oh I forgot it’s way cheaper than the ST1300 or FJR - panniers not included.


we have a silver on at our showroom where I work. Not bad. Have you guys seen the new interceptor, honda, single sided swingarm?


I like the old 750 Interceptor better, think it's getting to teched out now. Still a great bike, but bet you can get a Busa for about the same $$$.
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