BUSA mods versus ZZR1200


If your requirements for you next bike were to:

* Be FUN!
* Be comfortable enough to take to work on nice days (40 mile commute)
* Be agile enough to be a pleasure to ride on twisty back roads
* Be able to be ridden (occasionally) to work on fall and winter days (40-50s) with proper gear (consider wind/weather protection)
* Be able to occasionally take 200-300 weekend trips with a passenger
* Be dependable
* Help me turn 40 next year

Would you choose a Busa, mod the handle bars (risers) and the foot pegs, buy a ST windshied a Corbin seat and beetle bags OR would you choose a ZZR 1200 and add a Corbin seat (back rest for rider) and bags? Assume that the cost of both were equal.

I love the Busa. I don't know if I'll be happy if I choose the ZZR. But, I'm thinking that the ZZR may be more in line with my what I need my next bike to be.

Why buy a mustang if your going to add baby seats and a luggage rack? (I'm still not over trading my 5.0 in for a mini van - and it has been 10 years!)


.. hey I just traded for a mini-van... haha.. weird.. I am pretty happy with mine so far.
go wit the busa duder... the zzr's got funny lookin' headlights... err is that the busa...

haha just funnin' ya. The busa.. hands down. It will do all those things you listed easily, powerfully, and comfortably.
The Busa is the best in all categories except passenger comfort. You might want to check out how comfortable the ZZR1200 is for the passenger. But I have heard of mods(on the busa) that include a seat back for the passenger. If you can get one of those, definately go Busa!!
Welcome to the board. This is a personal preference thing.... The kawi has some pluses and some downsides, first downside. Carburetors....,Busa is fuel injected! Upside larger fuel tank 6.1 vs 5.3/5.8 for the Busa. Downside, Kawi is very limited on the adjustments to both the front and rear suspension (3-4 adjustments for each); Busa, about 22 fully adjustable settings for both the front and rear! Resale is better on the Busa then the Kawi. Finally the Kawi is way more adept to accepting aftermarket luggage than the Busa. Oh yea, if your not a real big person the Busa can be a lot of bike to handle a slower speed! Insurance on the Kawi should be a better buy...........

Now my personal pref! Buy the Busa!
Welcome to the board Brian
With absolutely no doubt at all the Busa.......and I'm tryin not to be biased here.
I looked at a ZZR before I bought, and there is no comparison whatsoever.
I came from a ZX11 which has a very similar feel to a ZZR.....but the Busa is twice the machine....thought the ZZR may be a slight bit more comfortable stock ZZR to stock Busa.
Add the bars, shield, and seat and you won't be dissapointed.
Forgot to mention I have the Corbin seat set-up, bar risers, and soft luggage! Never been passed yet by either of my friends who own ZZR's (both set up with Corbin seat, Heli bars) in either a straight away or the twistys.......
Thanks for the welcome and the information. This helps a lot!

I'm planning to get the corbin seat with the back rest. When I showed our neighbor's 25 y.o. son the picture of the beetle bags and the corbin seat from the corbin site, I felt old. His reaction was "You are planning to put bags on a Busa? That's not right. Just punt on the sport bike and get a Gold Wing."

Every spring, I visit our in-laws in Florida for a week. I spend a lot of it riding a spare Wing. For one week a year, I get my riding fix. I sold my old bike about 8 years ago after my wife explained that I was too important to the family to die on a "donor cycle". When the weather is nice and the bikes are out, it is unbearable.

It is time for a bike again. Hmmm...grey, black or blue???

I wonder if a license plate of MLKRSYS is too over the top?


Naw.....the Corbin bags look great if ya need bags.
I'll probably be buyin a set one day too........and the backrest is a great idea if you care about your better half being comfortable.......be buying my pass seat and rest very soon.
won't run them all the time...cuz I do like the look without, but when the wife's with me you bet they'll be on.
Both excellent additions to a Busa.
The Busa IS more sporty than Tourer being the "Fastest production bike in the world" so you must decide which you REALLY want more:  comfort or speed.
I decided tween the YAM FJR1300 and the Busa and the Busa won.  Never even considered the KAW ZZR as the looks bored me and I've owned their rickety, slopped together product in the past.
So far, 5 out of 5 different passengers have told me the Busa was the most comfortable bike they have EVER been on including Harley's.
You list looks exactly like mine. I have yet to ride the busa to work in winter but plan on it. I'm 38.
Good luck in your decision.  I'm sure it will be the right choice.  
Topic: BUSA mods versus ZZR1200, Would you mod a BUSA or go ZZR?[/QUOTE]

Lets see.... this is a BUSA board, I ride a BUSA, and you expect me to not be biased? hehehehe........

My busa is not comfy anymore. It is setup for 1/4mi. rides.....

However, I changed the suspension to ride it to Laguna earlier this month. Little over 2000 miles round trip. Had to stretch alot, but a great ride.
In the year and 2 months I have owned mine, I have not regretted the purchase even once.

Welcome to the board, buy a busa, be happy.
Thanks for the welcome and the information. This helps a lot!

I'm planning to get the corbin seat with the back rest. When I showed our neighbor's 25 y.o. son the picture of the beetle bags and the corbin seat from the corbin site, I felt old. His reaction was "You are planning to put bags on a Busa? That's not right. Just punt on the sport bike and get a Gold Wing." ...
"Donor Cycle?" My white butt! When average accident impact speeds exceed 160mph maybe I'll think that, but otherwise NO. The rider sets the speed, the road and traffic say when they go bump. Superior suspension components and brakes simply give you an edge in the final equation.

As for touring on the 'Busa, I just came from a "sport touring" BMW K1200RS and I'm not going back. With the basketweave Corbin seats (incl. back seat with rest) I have all of the comfort I need -- I'm used to putting my weight on my hips so I don't need/advocate bar risers (they're low for a good reason).

I've done a 500mi day on the 'Busa and wasn't whining a bit. Probably could do a few more with a good night's sleep -- one of these days I'm going to do an SS1000 on the thing. As I mentioned before, one guy's even done a 100CCC (across the country and back in <100hrs), 2up, on his black '02.

I also picked up the Ventura rack system for mine and it was an easy install (no drilling, 20min, reversible) and hauls a surprising amount of stuff, especially if I'm traveling solo. I've used the rack to carry a complete camping set-up (tent, sleeping bag/pad, etc.) and RKA soft side bags for clothes and camera gear and still had room for souveniers.

Plus, the 'Busa is an excellent bike in the twsities...it's just not a 350lb, 600cc sport bike with a short wheelbase, that's all. It handles very well, by the standards of any motorcycle.

The only thing the Kawi has going for it is a slightly better range. Otherwise, I think it's goofy looking (yeah, compared to the Suzook), and I don't like it's insturment layout either.

Naw, not biased. Nope, not me

PS: My bike is my daily ride -- I don't use a car to commute, no matter the weather (even through last winter). I purposely stretch my ride to 30+mi, even though a straight shot is only 8mi, so I can have some fun and give the battery a good run (12k mi/yr). No mechanical problems with the bike so far (only 3000mi on the 'Busa, tho).

I've also added 4k HIDs for night-time fun and a BMW power plug so I can run my Gerbing's electric gear in winter.
Stock for Stock the Kawasaki would be a better tourer and they are also quick(not like the Busa) but quick. They also have not sold that well so you can get a ZZR 1200 for a really good deal right now. If you are trying to keep a budget the ZZR 1200 would be the better because it already is and labled as a sport tourer. All the reviews have been good. If you are going to carry a pillon and don't want to get all the Bells and whistles, that would be the way to go. I have the Corbin Passenger Seat and backrest on mine and it is more comfortable by far to stock. But the ZZR has more leg room for a passenger. These are a few things you might want to consider. I love my Busa and I think my Busa is the greatest for what it does and thats go Fast, but I havn't forgotten there is other bikes, out there. But before I leave maybe you should also consider the Aprilia Futura they are a Blast and would be my first choice for a Sport tourer.Rotax engine low maintenance. Good luck

go with the Busa... My Girl love to go on long rides with me on the bike. 200+. no complaints yet.