Just traded my Liter bike in for a Busa


Well like the title says I just sold my 2011 R1 for my new 2013 Busa LE ... Man I wish I wouldnt have waited so long this beast is amazing!!! I look forward to trolling the site and getting more ideas for go fast bits and cool mods.. Cheers!!!
So envious of ya man A yellow LE if only I could afford one.

You must let us know what you think of it especially the new brakes.

Dr Rob


I'll post pics this coming weekend she is torn down in the garage waiting for parts lol ... the brakes are excellent for the 15 miles I rode her takes some getting use to though
Welcome. The last liter bike I drove was the 99 R1 and compared to the R1 you sold as comfortable as a busa. Power was from 3-11, just like a Busa. The power band on current liter bikes is similar to the old 600 cc bikes, nothing much before 8 k rpm. All they did was shift the power band way up higher .

Once you have driven any big displacement 4 cylinder you wonder why you never did it sooner. The current crop of liter bikes are a pain in the ass to drive on the streets.

perfect choice....what parts have you torn it apart for?
i've been up and down almost every cc bike over the last 8 yrs and keep coming back to a busa...others beat some areas of it with hi-tech but just can't combine this to create a better bike.
picking up my own LE in a few weeks.....1st time in 7 yrs that i'll have just 1 bike....just as well its the best.
I tore her down for a HID kit smoked signals all around and to replace an intake cowl that a darn crow decided I didn't need anymore ... She should be back together by end of day Saturday
I really like the smoked lenses :thumbsup:

I see yours doesn't have the red GSX1300R logo on the rear pods has this been removed or was it not on there originally?

Dr Rob

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