Just quoted $11,300 OTD from my dealer for '03 Bus

Welcome to the board Burnie! Glad to hear you got the bike afterall!!
If it was too easy, you wouldn't appreciate it as much
I bought mine at Bartlesville CycleSports in Bartlesville, OK.

Ask for Kerstan (male).... he will hook you up with an '03 Busa for $9399.... you pay tax/registration in your state....

I took him $9400, he gave me $1 and an '03 Busa....
Are you kidding me.  $9400 out the door for an '03 Busa.  Do these guys ship?  Anyone on here dealt with them?  Even if i pay the taxes when it gets here it is still a killer deal.  Shipping can't be more than $300-400, well if they ship.  I'm gonna give them a call.
I saw the invoice for another one of these delivered today. Delivery to Va beach from canada was $33.00. They delivered three to the ares and just get gas money. I couldn't believe it. I am telling everyone. I HATE the local Suzuki dealers. THEY CAN'T SPELL MOTORCYCLE!!!

I'll get the name and number for this place.
For what its worth, I got a 2001 new OTD for $8999 from Competition Accessories located in Ohio. Then paid the sales tax in KY. Bought it in Jan 2002, dead of winter and cold. Dealer had a few leftovers and wanted to clear them out below their cost. Rode it 190 miles home in a snowmobile suit. Was worth the trip. Planned it in advance. Suggest you contact them. Never know what they might sell it for. I was satisfied with the way I was treated.
Well i figured this was a good deal so i jumped on it i bought my 02 all black busa off ebay for $8500 with 800 miles on it by the time i was said and done i was at about $9000 with taxes licence and shipping so unless ya really want brand spanking new ya could always do alittle searching for a barely used one i guess just my little input is all