just got back from the strip

i went to a new strip today and thier was only 2 of us in the bike class lol i got first but its kinda hard to brag when thers only 2 of ya lol!!! but i did get a new best ET. 60 foot.1.62
330 foot.4.14
1/4 9.58 @146.53
i was happy with the mph, i had 12 psi in the shinko so i was kinda suprised with the good mph.


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I was going to go to the strip tonight for the first time on the bike but forecast is calling for 30% chance of rain so it will have to wait for a better day.

Congrats to you tho and way to stick it to the other guy! :beerchug:


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thanks a bunch guys!!!! i want 9.3's sooo bad, i know its gonna be hard to get as the weather just keeps gettin hoter here but thats my goal!!!
run as earlie in the morning as you can on test and tune days....here friday nights are test and tune..you run as much as u want....sunday is race day

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