just bought a gen 1 Hayabusa


New here from Iceland and i just bought a 2000 Hayabusa. All stock except for a k&N filter. And i just removed the stock cans for now.
I want to take it to the track and set a decent time but it feels a bit underpowered in the upper revs, pulls very nicely down low but not nearly as much up top as my modded K7 1000 GSX-R

wondering what i can do to get some power out of it. And get it to run a decent time at the 1/4 mile

things i already got
front strap
lowering links

thinking about
full exhaust system
clutch mod(either weld the slipper or brocks mod)
pair valve block off
+2 rear sprocket
anything else ?

what kind of times and trap could i expect with all of the above ?

some more info about me and my bikes. Bought my first streetbike last year it was a all stock and stock height Honda CBR 954 , took it to the track for the first time and was able to run a 10.6@135mph no strap or nothing, i weigh 190 lbs

then i got a K7 1000 GSX-R took it to the track with a yoshi slipon exhaust+ cat delete, bmc filter and lowered front (not strapped) and ran a 10.00@148mph

after that i started modding it some more. Added 9" extensions , bazzaz zfi+quickshifter, mps spyder dry 30 shot shinko hookup, lowering links ,front strap, welded the slipper and installed a drag pak clutch.
ran a 9.4@149mph all motor
and a 9.2@154mph with a 30 shot

btw here is my new Busa project


and here is the k7 gixxer, i got a bunch of go pro hero videos also if anyone is interested







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Welcome! :welcome:

I've seen you post on a couple other sites with your GSXR1K. Looking forward to your BUSA build... :thumbsup:

Make your self at home... :beerchug:
Nice pictures ! Nothing better than a holeshot where you carry the front wheel a few inches above the track surface near the start. What are your 60 ft times ?

I bet the videos are good also... :thumbsup:
thanks guys, i just finished lowering the bike and putting extensions on :) btw the fairing isnt bolted up since im still workoing on the bike but i just put it on there to take a photo

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As to the low end power. You might want to put the cans or some aftermarket set-up back on your pipes.
Strange at first being in a new country.

Having no beer was a bit unusual, soon got in to Brennevin though.:laugh:

Remember When Pubinn first opened.:thumbsup:

Soon got used to it all though.
I would look into getting a BMC race air filter or a Piper Cross, never heard anything good said about the K&N air filters when it comes to HP. Also I would get the PC ignition if you are going to go with the PC3, I have a similar setup and that quickshifter is a very nice feature :thumbsup: