First time out with my Gen 1 Busa


Well i took gen 1 busa for the first time to the 1/4 mile. Bike needs a bit more power since it is stock power wise but was alot of fun to launch

i got a 1.42 60ft ! btw bought the bike 3 weeks ago and it was all stock back then

Best time i was able to get was 9.78@139mph with a 1.42 60ft

small airbox mod
Lowered and strapped
swingarm extensions
shinko hookup
45 T rear sprocket
welded slipper / stock steels, fibers and springs
removed the stock cans, still have the stock header
no power commander or anything

ran a couple 9.8s also @ 138-140mph, and the best 60fts were 1.42 ....1.50 ... 1.55
and i weigh 190lbs unsuited

here is the bike and a slip


nice runs and video. it would be interesting to see how it runs with the stock cans on verses off. and what type of fuel are you using? if you dont mind me asking
Not bad at all! Remember the tach's are 400-600rpm off so rev it a little higher next time. Maybe try 11,200 indicated and see if the MPH pics up. Also, are you shifting with or without the lever? Times are not bad but with that 60' you should be a little quicker... ;)
Well done! For a "newbie" at the track you are doing good! Should be a little quicker especially with that 60, but nice job!
hi mate u riding good man you rode before? cause those 60s r real good top job .

Thanks man. Just got my license last year. Bought my first street bike last year it was a Honda CBR 954 and took it to the 1/4 mile, bone stock with no lowering and no straps i ran 10.6@135mph on it
after that i bought a GSX-R 1000 K7 , ran a 10.00@147mph on it , no straps, stock motor with boltons
then i modded it a bit and ran a best of 9.2@154mph , and my best 60ft on it was 1.50 , but was usually in the 1.58-1.65 60ft range .
Its somehow much easier for me to launch the Busa, guess the torque down low is helping a bit. And the clutch was working well with the welded slipper
thats great going 4 1 year , on the bikes most impressive have u seen my onboard ride in the vid section?
was letting flare up to much but not last night.
thats great going 4 1 year , on the bikes most impressive have u seen my onboard ride in the vid section?
was letting flare up to much but not last night.

yeah looks like you have a lot of power in that bike ! :)

here are some videos of me on the K7 1000 Gixxer, there are also more videos on my channel


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Good run. Sounds like you are going WOT a bit late. It may seem like it off the launch but you can hear your revs really pick up. This can occur when the elbow is to low while WOT and you attempt to place your feet on the pegs. I saw myself on video a few times raise off WOT as my knees raise and I place my feet on pegs at 6'2''. I always ran my best ET getting WOT at a very low launch rpm and clutch out at the tree.
I followed your progress over on Pschobike also. I owned a Gen 1 and a K7 1K and agree with you on launching them. Funny thing is my Busa was easy to 60ft but the 1K still out ran it with a worse 60ft. For example, at 220lbs suited, I ran a 5.87 at 120mph with a 1.42 60ft on the 1000. By the way, a K7 will run 9.2 or faster with a stock motor on motor so don't give up on it. You can run 8s on the gas easy with it. I have seen 9.2 on the k7 at 220lbs with only some bolt ons and seat time.If you still have both I recommend that you sink the money in the Busa! For us larger guys, a well setup clutch (especially Rock Solid or Hayes), bolt ons, and some Nitrous goes a long way on the Busa stock. You can run more spray and the potential for more power is there. I know a large rider running consistent low 5.3s on a well setup 1441 naturally aspirated hand clutch Busa. He also runs the crazy 8s class all the time. Nothing spectacular and rather common for that size motor on a hand clutch and street tire. Just watch that 2nd gear on the Busa. Only takes one missed shift to kill it. been there done that. Congrats.