My weekend at the 1/4 mile in Iceland // Gen 1 Busa

Went to the 1/4 mile this weekend to try out the busa. This was the first time i went since i had a crash in a 1/8th mile event only about a month ago(June 16th), broke both hands so im still healing. Decided to take it pretty easy.

Only ran a 9.8@144mph but had a lot of fun and good to get back out there after the crash

Did not strap the bike
Stock motor
Murray sidewinder no baffle
No airfilter
pc3 usb
lowered rear
bolton extensions
Shinko hookup
i weigh 200lbs suited

Also had a 45 shot nitrous on it but when i tried to spray it the clutch would slip. which was weird since it didnt slip when i was launching the bike. It was a new stock clutch with stock springs, and welded slipper.

couple pics and one video




Get your tucked in lower and keep that front down . Good time for stock though
thanks yeah i usually launch it much harder, last time out i got a 1.42 60ft, but i was taking it easy now since my right hand hasnt healed completely since the crash

You need stiffer clutch springs and a clutch slave support
i just installed the clutch slave support before the weekend. But i didnt have it before and i was getting 1.42 - 1.55 60fts and it did hold.
I also just received my stiffer springs. Will be instaling them this week

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