Is this normal???

Hi anyone, i have something to ask, which is i find it hard for me to start the engine whenever the engine is hot example after riding for awhile stop to pump some petrol and by pressing the start button i find it that the starter need more crank in order to make the engine run. Unlike in the morning when i about to start the engine like say it just take 2 or 3 second to crank up. So i was thinking is this normal or abnormal will someone explain to me wats wrong or it should be like that.
Are you turning the key on and letting the fuel pump reach operating pressure in both scenarios? I turn my key on and let the fuel pump stop running before I hit the start button and mine starts about the same every time. In the beginning, if I forgot to wait and hit the switch before the pump reached pressure and shut off, my busa didn't start as quickly or easily. Just a thought...
Get in the habit of using the "choke" even for warm starts. This is especially true if you have an aftermarket exhaust. I think that the lack of back-pressure in the exhaust system causes some extra stutter for starts.