i'm new to the board

halcon blanco

hello everybody!!!!! i'm new in this....i work in cycle gear with howlinmad and i'm taking the school for motorcycle repair tech. i hope i can learn a lot in the board and receive a lot of good advaices about riding techniques from people with more experience than mine.
Its about time girl! Welcome to the board!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
hi ya pal......welcome to the greatest show on earth . Actually ....the only difference between this place an' the Titanic was...THEY HAD BOOZE . Just kiddin' . The Captain will be glad to take you on a three hour tour " A three hour tour .... the weather started getting rough , the tiny ship was tossed , if not for the courage of the fearless crew , the minnow would be lost ." Welcome to Gilligan's Island .
Found another victim eh Howlin'
Welcome and was I the only one to catch the girl part. Fortunatrely, we treat you like a rider first and a lady secodn.; Please post a picture when capable.

Thed question from yesterday was whether the 03 comes with or without both a seat and hump?
I don't have mine yet but should next week. The Orange one is elusive but I did ask the dealer if it comes with both the hump and seat and was told yes. So, I think it does but don't know for sure.

And, welcome Halcon, I am new also.

Welcome, Have fun, Lots of information and opinions to be had...