Im down.

wow this sux..... heal up buddy... (I am checking on nail polish for your recovery, any color you like better than the rest?)
Glad your okay.... A little pain is better than no pain and no breathing... Heal up..
Well Thursday night I was hit by a tahoe in north dallas. I cant type the whole thing right now but I just needs some prayers. I'm going into surgery on this thursday and Friday to have pins put in my hands and wrists. I dont have the police report yet and typing this is starting to hurt to bad, so ill check in in a few days. I dont know where the bike is but+ i think its totaled.


Geezus dude! That is terrible news, thoughts and prayers are with you as you face the surgery and recovery. When you get some information off the police report have someone type it in for you...take it easy on the keyboard. I use to call the Suburbans and Tahoes "Texas Battering Rams" by the way the soccer mom's drove them. Get well soon!
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Sorry to hear about your wreck, but I'm glad we're hearing from you instead of your next of kin. Prayers sent for a full, speedy recovery. I'll go in with k03gsxr750 on the speech to text stuff if it'll help you out. Just let us know.
Praying for you and your family that you heal up very quckly, and find strength physically and emotionally!:please:
Dragon Systems Software makes the best text-to-speech/speech-to-text system on the consumer market. It might be a worth while purchase if your hands are both going to be out of commission. Do you have friends close by to help with the day to day stuff for a few weeks?
OMG sorry to hear that. Glad you are at least able to post on a forum. Prayers sent for an event free surgery and a fast recovery. Focus on gettin' better; bikes can be fixed/replaced.

Sorry to hear that. Hope you heal up quick, but dont feel bad as we are both in the same boat as far as the bike goes
Hope to see you on here with details of this tragic event as soon as you're able! But for now, rest easy and heal up quickly! Prayers sent!!
Let me know if any of us from Dallas can help......

Hope Thursday and Friday go well.

Let me know, We can always fire up the grill for ya :beerchug: