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Hey guys I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet because I'm still in alot of pain. I am having surgery Friday morning at 6am sat Parkland memorial hospital to put plates and pins in my right hand due to the amount of broken bone to the hand and wrist. I have been told that the head plastic surgeon is diong the surgery. I still have to get my left hand worked on and both knees are getting worse.

Igot a copy of the police report yesterday and it was the worst f'n report ever. It said nothing about what happend it only stated the info for myself and the drivers and witnesses. It also did not say who was at fault even tho one of the witnesses stated that he can over on me.

I also picked my pistol up from the police dept. It was an easy process but the cool thing is that they found my pocket knife and i was able to get it back as well. I asked them about my GPS and they said they didnt have one so ohwell i thought.

Ipicked the bike up from the wrecker service with my dad and ended up having to pay 469 F'n dollars to those crooks for towing the bike 14 miles. I got a few pics of the bike but im not going to post them right now. She has alot of damage to the plastics and the nose is destoyed. The handlebars are both bent and the levers are missing. The right side took most of the slide down the road which was corse concrete. The frame will need to be checked but the wheels tires brakes and swingarm all look good. I still dont know if he ran over the bike and myself in the process though. The radiator will need to be replaced but the motor is not leaking any fluids so i guess thats a plus. We loaded her on the trailer and strapped her down and heaed to my apt so i could get some sleep but when we got there i decided i wanted to open the hump to check my stuff under there and EVERYTHING was gone!!! The wrecker service didnt have the keys and the hump was locked and the only person that could have opened it was the cop at the scene when i gave him my keys to retrieve my Glock. I honestly believe this is the most bs that could have happend though all this is to have a officer of the law to steal from me. Im going to report it and file a complaint but its not going to help. My dad has the bike at his barn so the insurance adjuster can take his photos of it and so i dont start tearing it down.

So in 20 hours i am going under the knife for six hours while they try to reconstruct my hand and pray that ill be able to use it after. Well my only working finger is getting really tired from typing this so ill let you go back to whatever your doing.

oh and we went by the site of the wreck and my gear definatly saved my live!!! The concrete there is very rough and i crossed four lanes of traffic sliding around 500ft. The insurance company is waiting for the driver of the SUV the get out of surgery so they can take his statement and are waiting until im not so drugged to get mine. only problem is that we both have state farm and both only have liability insurance.

Ill give another update and maybe some pics of the bike and myself after i get out of this first surgery.

Be safe out there guys.

Heal fast brother. Let us know if we can help at all. I can be there in 15 hours as you well know.

Seriously though, if you need help or a babysitter, I can head down that way. We can Dan to do something on the smoker and hand feed you if need be.
Rest well and heal fast. Best of luck Bro'
Good luck! if Lurch shows up... (wear socks) prayers are with you :thumbsup:
Thank you Kevin. My friends and family have been very supportive to me, althought a sponge bath would be nice.....
Good luck through the surgery, bro. Heal yourself...the rest will all fall into place.
i wouldnt worrie about the hand to much, look what my friend did..he actually jamed all of his wrist bones up into his palm, they told him he would lose his hand, then they did the surgery and all was fine, he did have about 6 mo's of recovery though, but worked real hard at it, mostly using those spring grips that you squess and a racket take care and good luck with the retrieval of your stuff





Daniel, best of luck on the operation. I hope you are feeling better soon!:thumbsup:
Best of luck and worry about your health first. I would say your going to have to get a lawyer for this and you will probably have to switch insurance companies after its all settled. I would call the police station and speak with the investigating officer and ask him who was at fault and then make him amend the police report. Also be prepared to get ****ed on the at fault of the accident, They may pull some bs on you like they did me (unsafe speed) at 4mph over the posted limit. Like i said just worry about your health for now and i wish you best of luck.