Im down.

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Well Thursday night I was hit by a tahoe in north dallas. I cant type the whole thing right now but I just needs some prayers. I'm going into surgery on this thursday and Friday to have pins put in my hands and wrists. I dont have the police report yet and typing this is starting to hurt to bad, so ill check in in a few days. I dont know where the bike is but+ i think its totaled.

Holy crap.


I hope you get through your surgery well and mend up fast.

This is horrible news, bro.


If you need something, you know where to start looking...
That Sucks bro'. Good luck with the surgery and hope you heal fast. Let us know if there is anything we can do.
Darn cagers
Yikes! That sucks! Sorry to hear it but I am happy to be hearing it directly from you which is a relatively good sign..
Heal up fast!
Wow man, that is terrible! Let me know if there is anything you think I can do. If your hands are going to be down for a while I'm in for $20 on one of the speech to text deals.
Glad your still posting, get some rest. We all hope and pray your surgery goes well and you heal up. As for the bike, those can be replaced. After you get moving again, I'm sure there'll be more that a few helping hands to get you on the road again:thumbsup:
Thanks for letting us know. Can only say that it had to hurt. Hope you heal up quickly.
get well soon. All the best.
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Sonofabiaoch....get rest-heal-and tell us about it when you feel better.
Prayers sent!

I'm local so if there's anything you need man, anything (ie. some dinner dropped by or someone to vacuum for ya), speak up. If I can help locate your ride, PM me and I'll do the calling around for you.
Damn man. You trying to show me up this week? :poke:

Sorry to hear about the misfortune. I hope you heal up quickly. Keep us posted on your progress. Be sure to post a list of parts needed if it's not totaled.