If you had to give up you busa


Assuming that you had to give up the bus what would you guys choose, sport bike, more relaxed or cruiser, etc?
03 GSXR1000, but I'd have to put in a custom mini dashboard around the gauges because as-is the instrument panel doesn't look finished. The magazine reviewers don't like the silver color but I love it, perhaps because I'm 50. The blue/white looks like it's saying "look at me, look at me". I think the bike says all it needs to just being what it is. Same with the busa. On the other hand I've seen some custom paint jobs that fuse the physical art of the machine with visual art in ways that are simply stunning.:D
GSXR1k. Might not have the same high end, but could still have that awesome acceleration:p
Other bikes!
Is there something else out there? JK

When I went shopping a few months ago for a new bike I actually didn't consider the busa my first choice. If there was no such thing as a hayabusa I would probably have bought an R1 or a GSXR1000. Both have excellent acceleration and both are, in most regards, as good or better than the bus in twisties and stunting. The Hayabusa does, however, exist and I therefore own what in MHO is the best all-around and sexiest bike ever built.
It would have to be a GSXR 1000. As a matter of fact if I keep running into problems with the Busa I may just have grab one for a spare. Hafta keep the Busa so I hang with you folks
If I absolutely had to give up the Busa...I would have to pick a
$#@!% that resembles Vanessa Williams...Shat I've got to have something worth riding...
Probably a BMW. Either an older airhead RS (the first fully faired sport-tourer) or a R11xxR roadster. Otherwise I'd ride a streetfighter/nekkid bike (stripped sport bike with handlebars, not clip-ons or a Triumph Speed triple)or a big trailie (R11xxGS or Triumph Tiger).
I stand by my answer of a few months ago...

A Confederate Motorcycles, Hellcat.

Custom made for me, 130Ft/LBS of torque, swingarm as exhaust pipes...Just all full of attitude and grunt.

It would be back to the V Max for me!!! Picture is from when Sue had the FZR and I had the Max and I just got the Busa..