If you had to pick ONE


I was just wondering what was the ONE mod that changed your Busa the most? Was it Throttle Miester, full exhaust ? Was it for performance, or comfort ?

I know some mods like a full exhaust are more than just one thing. (Exhaust, Power Commander, and air filter)

But if you had a Bone stock Busa, and you could choose only one mod, what would it be ? Or would you keep it stock ?
stainless brake lines and ebc hh pads

that or a turbo
Depends on How much cash you have! For me it would be the pipe/PC/Filter. Next I would lower it for about $50.00 if you don't do it yourself. Last I would just live with it until next summer, when the fever will come again to change something, and at that point I would get me a Tobin seat. Thats my 50 cents!!!

I lowered it 1" in the rear and 1.75" in the front. I didn't think I could enjoy riding the Busa more than I was when it was stock. I was wrong ...
I love the gear change the most. 16/42 Made a huge difference. And maybe the tires, going from Battlax to pilot powers, WOW
Absolutely no question about it, if I started over with a stock one the first mod would be an HID light in the low beam. Even before the stickers, reflector, and mud flap came off if I was limited to one mod.
Just for looks - I think having the frame painted added to the existing graphics from Suzuki...it's a subtle change, yet looks good and brings the graphics out more...not something I've seen on any other Busa, at least not in my travels

Oh, you want a pic?!

Heli bars + Sport tour windscreen for comfort. Bike came Yosh exhaust. This makes bike right for me. Maybe a GIPRO next. Vabusa that paint is sweet!!!!
Thats very cool Va...
My one mod --was raising the handlebars-- made it very comfy...and i get better control in the tight stuff...
just one and one only.....tobin.I'll take comfort on a long ride over anything.now that I have my exhaust and pc the tobin is next
but if I could only have one.defentally a tobin.
HMF dual high rise exhaust.

Helps performance and imho...the stock cans are fugly
#1 Mod?


As far as removing the side reflectors, aren't they placed on there due to Fed DOT requirements?
And removing the stickers, aren't they put on for liability reasons?
I'm not touching mine.
Throttlemeisters for long distance, HID's for night riding...they are just about even but if i had to pick one i guess i would have to sway to the HID's for safety reasons...i haven't had a single person pull out in front of me since i put them on
Lowering and a Tobin seat did wonders for comfort and ease of riding - I'm only 5'10" and can now sit on the bike flat footed.

VaBusa, that paint on the frame looks great!!! - first time I've ever seen that.
(johnnycrash @ Aug. 20 2007,10:05) VaBusa, that paint on the frame looks great!!! - first time I've ever seen that.
Thanks...I can't take credit - it was my husband's idea

I keep waiting for others to follow suit...those that can't afford the huge custom paint jobs