I need help with stretching


I’m picking up a mint 08’ hayabusa this Friday. She’s completely stock besides a slip on voodoo exhaust. I really want to stretch it a bit using an extension (4-6 inches). My question is what all do I need in order to do the extension? Extended steel braided brake lines? Will I need a chain extension ? Any thing else ?


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First dont do it with extentions. Get an arm. Second if you do, need chain, brake line, brake brace extention probably, and depending on your weight, rear shock redone.
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Formerly known as viperblackbusa.
There is a large difference in price. I wont lie. Bt as stated above, how much is your life worth to you?


How much does a long life run compared to a hospital stay or a funeral?
Seriously . . you know the risks with these extensions, why would you cheap out?
The result could well be devastating. :confused:
Did I said I was going to “cheap out”?. No. I simply asked a forum full of hayabusa riders how much it would be to do the full arm, instead of just extensions since I am hearing negatives about the extension now. I had never heard anything negative against the extension, until now.



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To go extended and buying all new and doing the labor yourself you will spend around $1500. When you buy a swingarm it’s bare. Doesn’t come with a chain guard or a tire hugger. You will need a longer chain. Should do sprockets too. Then you need a longer brake line. Also you will need a brake caliper bracket for the new swingarm. You can buy used arm. I did. I also bought a super nice underbraced from evil. If your only going 6 inches then do a 4 to 8 inch arm that will give you room.

If you find a used arm you want post it in here so we can tell you if it’s good or not. Some aftermarket arms are junk.
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