I need hayabusa logo


I need logo, my friend crashed his bike and i need to make him a new sticker.So i need logo with this letter on japanis and hayabusa.if anybody have it in vector format, il bee thankfull.in corel draw format will be great (version 7 or 9).
and also GSX1300R logo also.
i hope sombody help me, he is pretty desperate.


P.S. is there font maybe so i can type simple hayabusa?if it is it will be great to have it.thanx again for help.
Tape works is very good. Also some of the gang on the boards can make logos.
I make Busa decals and have been making them for awhile. I have capabilities that Tapeworks doesnt have and my decals are better quailty at a cheaper price.
Hi Gixx

Im looking for a vector based file for my digi guy to print? could you assit me with a file?
Right side logo.?