I mad as heck!!!!!


Man some one just knocked my bike over and scuffed up my almost mint conditioned 2002 silver busa. Damages are, scuffs to the left side fairing and broke my clutch lever AND broke my stator case and left it sitting in a puddle of oil while I was refacing a basketball game.

Looks like some one backed into it from the back and made it roll forward and just left it.

What can I do to just Rasheed up fairings do I need to replace or is it a way to fix....I'll take pics in a bit.
I'm scared to go look at it. Just make me soooo mad.

Man u should have seen a 6'7 303 lb dude just flexing in the dark and no one around to claim it.

I tell ya, ya just can have anything these days without someone damaging it.









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Sucks, remember the days when we just minded our own business and left others alone... Now it seems that people think they have a right to destroy what they don't agree or like...
man!!! I know i keep saying that... but MAN....that is all i can say.....
oh well get -r -done!!
That is a tremendous amount of damage. Have you checked for cameras in the area, etc. Best of luck, I'd be pissed too
I had a garage drop that was about the same result. You ain't gonna like how much this is gonna be. Please tell us you have full coverage insurance.
That's not to bad, Macco can repaint the fairings if you do the prep work, you can get a upgraded stator cover for about 160, and you can get a EBAY cluth/brake levers 50$. I hope you stator is ok.
i feel for u bro... seems like the more u take care of something you love, chances are they will be damaged or hurt... this is true for everything that has come my way in life...material objects and the people in my life..

as posted previously ,, either replace OEM.. or TIME TO GET AN UPGRADE!!!!!

Sucks man, looks like it was in great shape.

I'm pretty sure I have a set or two of oem levers, and possibly an extra stator cover. If I got em, just pay shipping, and they're yours.
Sorry to hear about this.
Don't understand some people damage your bike and just don't care about it.
That sucks. I don't understand why why people can't live and let live, and if it was an accident own up to their mistake.
Sorry to hear it bro,some real expensive gouges there if you replace with OEM plastics,etc.Chickenshyt MF's shoulda at least left you their contact info.

PS...my first new Busa was that exact same '02,always liked that color scheme.:beerchug: