does clutch handle change require bleeding?

Crashed into a car at very low speeds. No major damage, just the front fender and the bike fell on its left side (far less fairing damage then when I dropped it on its right side!)

The clutch handle broke off. I just replaced it and during this, the pin came out quite a bit. My brother told me his Yamaha was similar and required a clutch bleed afterward due to the pin coming out so far.

I haven't started it yet to feel it, because I'm lazy, I thought I'd ask here first.


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ive replaced a few clutch levers on mine and others, never had to bleed. Will wait orund for others to chimne in, but i would say NO


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This was just touched on. If there isn't any leaks from it not a prob! B carfull of the safety switch though!!! Here ya go.. BTW
Thanks, I didn't do any real work to her myself, I bought it used, the previous owner added a lot of chrome.

Too late for sliders, already dropped on each side, damage done.

As for vent guards, are they just aesthetic or do they have some function?

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