I asked, she said yes.

Big Bo

I divorced the ex for her cheating ways. It was rough at first, then I was happy to be away from her. No arguing, no one calling me a cheater (I know why now). Not being around someone that made booze the center point of life. Not worrying what time or when she will come home. Peace of mind is priceless.

Life has a way of opening ones eyes to different things. Met a few ladies, some very nice, some not so nice. Then met one that turned my world on end. On the first date I was blown away by her personality, wits and openness. Smart, funny, confident, likes to do things with me. Does not like the bike (Nurse). Wants to ride once to see what it is all about. She is very easy to talk to. Listens to me, asks for my opinion on issues. Introduced her to my adult kids, and they really like her. I did not ask, the kids came to me and told me so.

Our grandparents lived 1/2 block apart. Small world.

Anyway, I asked her to marry me and she said yes. Early 2014 I will marry a woman that makes me very happy. I hope to make her life joy to be with me. It is like being 17 again.

Since this is where I hangout the most, I thought I would let you all know why I am away so much. I am a happy man.
Congrats bro, wishing you all the happiness!

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Congrats!! That is so awesome and you sound very happy!! You deserve it...


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That's awesome! Everyone deserves to be happy. She doesn't have to like the bike, as long as she respects your wishes to own and operate it, all will be good.
Congratulations to the both of you.
That is wonderful new!!! Enjoy and take the things you have learned from history and apply them to life!!!!
congrats and best wishes to both of you :beerchug:

on that first ride, take it easier than a grandma...if you think you are going too easy, slow down some more...the goal is to have her get off and say, "well, that wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it would be"...i've seen way too many guys think she will be impressed by their showing out, all it does is scare them away for good and it will become a problem at some point in the future
Congrats on the good news :cheerleader: you should go out and get her a helmet and some riding gear. All that leather and padding ought to reassure her and build up a little confidence on riding with you even if it's just around the block :whistle:
Congratulations! I hope you have a lifetime of happiness and good memories together.