Hunting down the 03 SE?


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Greetings all, new here, since yesterday. I have been planning this for years and now it comes down to it. Any suggestions on where to go in Florida to Find a 2003 SE? Or maybe a 2002 SE?
Love the site, lots of help so far!
Welcome to the board!!! good luck in finding one. they are going to be hard to find
I know where there are two 2002s in Iowa.
Iowa City Motorsports
Iowa City Iowa
There is a dealer in Knoxville Iowa that I think still has one.
Can I bring it down to you? I just bought one from Iowa City
Thanks Hooken, I have my Suzuki dealer on the hunt. I will be speaking to him tomorrow. He said it sounds like I have a pretty good chance. If he Balks, I will let him know about Iowa City Motorsports. Failing that, Maybe I will have to Fly to Iowa and ride her Home! Spent four years in Omaha, weather should be getting pretty good up there about now.
I appreciate the info.
the more exciting the hunt, the more the trophy is worth to you !good luck getting the one you want !
Got a call today, My 02 SE Should be here Friday or Monday.
I put my deposit down and I am on pins and needles. Thanks for the tips.