I am goin crazy on this thing, i love it sooo much. Picked up my 2002 Black SE Today. Only has 1100 miles and has yoshimura RS3 slipons. I could not be happier with this bike. I rode about 50 miles tonight, just got back so its a little to dark to take pics, so i will have them posted tomorrow. I hope to find a lot of resourceful info in this forum. I don't know what I wanna do for my first mods though, and ideas? Im thinkin a new undertail will be the first thing, but gimme some ideas on what i should do.
When the day comes to ride a 'busa home.. first thing I'll do is get a speedohealer or yellow box and 220mph gauge faces.. new air filter.. clear front signal lenses.. mototeck undertail.. chrome double bubble windscreen.. install blue LEDs behind the gauges (my own $5 of www.bluegauges.com's installation).. gel seat.. full hmf dual high mount exhaust.. yoshimura ems.. home-built gear position display & tre.. helibars.. throttlemeister.. lowered pegs.. gel grips.. and a new platinum gas card to handle all the riding i'll be doing. :D
Welcome! I think the first mod would be some t-shirts, just ask the Captain, Cache and the others...
Second, a nice confortable chair and a small refrigerator next to your computer because you'll spend a lot of time here.
Just got my 03 anniversary edition about amont ago. I love mine what an incredable machine.
Welcome to the board.

I agree that the first "mods" you should make are getting some really good leathers, helmet gloves, boots, etc. Once you've got all that then you can think about the mods. Besides, it'll give you something to look forward to.