The future




Boy, I need to stay off this Site! Makes the desire to own a Busa worse than being without nicotine!

Have any of you members heard of any forth coming changes on next years (2003) Hayabusa? I know I'm going to get one someday! Maybe this year. Maybe next.

Thank ya folks,

I haven't heard of any scheduled changes for the 2003's, but I hope they start producing the B-king Hayabusa... That would be sweet!
I havn't even seen a rumor on any changes to the Busa for 2003
or later.  But 2003 will the the 5th year of production, and that
is a long time for a sport bike to go without changes.  Could be
the Busa will be like the V-Max and be good enough to go 18 years
without any substantial changes.