How would you take losing your World of Warcraft account?


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Think about how he's going to take it when he finds out his little brother posted his "greatest freak out ever" online. :)
Wow. I guess I've never really seen a "nerd" freak out over somthing so near and dear to their heart.

Most curious to me is that he didn't hit, as in with a fist, anything until just before he left the room AFTER he was already spent. I don't know about y'all, but when I was a kid and I got amped up, I broke more than a few things b/c my first reaction was to punch something, regardless of what it was or how badly it my hurt my poor hands. Very odd to me that the kid just sort of shook himself around the room. Doesn't seem normal at all.

Pretty funny how he shaped right up, more or less, as soon as pops told him to shut up. Oh, the gnashing of teeth...and it all amounts to NOTHING. :laugh:


No training wheels?
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No bright lights, no water and NEVER feed them after midnight!!! :laugh:

Somebody needs to smack that kid. Yes I said smack!!! :rulez:


Re-Recycled, Busa-Less...
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Some folks spend hours, months years in WoW. I can see it being pretty catastrophic to someone who's really invested a lot of time.
It was almost like shoving the remote into his butt would somehow get even with his parents. I didn't get that part either, but really, what part of his tirade made any sense at all?

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