How much is my bike reasonably worth?

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Hi, I haven't had time to ride to ride the last couple of years and I won't for the next few years until I finish grad school. So I am selling my bike before it deteriorates from non-use any further.

It is a 2000 model. The right side has scuffs from a minor crash in 2006. It has also been sitting outside for a couple years so it isn't particularly clean (it still rides fine though). 24k miles.

It has a stage 1 RCC turbo with a base spacer to lower compression, alcohol injection, heavy duty clutch, all properly installed and tuned. The turbo has been on for maybe 6000 or 7000 miles.

However, it does have additional issues. It drains the battery while the bike is off over a matter of 3-4 days, so you have to take the battery out if you're parking it for more than a couple of days. It also has a history of simply not starting if its left for a few days, and then mysteriously starting up strong if you come back and try a few days later - it has done this twice in the past. It has never had a starting issue while warm or on the same day of a ride. I have no idea what is causing the starting issue.

I absolutely don't have the time to fix any of the issues. I thought $3500 is a reasonable price for both me and the buyer. Is this way off?


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Post some pics....but $3,500 for a 2000 Busa with a Stage-1 RCC Turbo doesn't sound terrible...AT ALL!!! :beerchug:


doesnt sound like she looks too purdy but that seems like a fair price to me. if its got rust that changes things slightly but the turbo kit will go used for about $2k depending on options. which alky kit is it running and how old is the RCC kit? there are different versions of stage 1 kits as far as the turbo and header go depending on when richard built the kit.

tuned by whom? post some pix


Seems like you have quite a few peoples interest. Post up some pics and get this thing sold already....:whistle:

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