How many


How many 40th Busa owners do we have on the board? Any with custom paint? Chrome wheels? Post your pics. :super:
Got a 40th busa here. In the process of have some graphics put over the copper paint on the bottom, also just added pm chrome Gatlin wheels. They look Good. Will post pics when I'm done.
I'd like to see one with some chrome wheels. Been debating whether or not to blak it out or chrome whats not already black. I haven't seen a 40th with a set of wheels yet. Depending on what it looks like, that will be my deciding factor on which to do. Somebody post some pics!:D killer paint scheme or chromies yet...just basic mod stuff ...workin on it over the winter...

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Wrong picture. Better view.

My dream mod is a set of gold annodized Marvic Penta's. Will look sweet IMHO, and enhance performance. Maybe in the spring........

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Looks good EAK. Been thinking of going that route myself. I'll post some pics as soon as I do something.???
The more I see that 40th anniversary Busa the more I like it. There has been one for sale at a local dealer for a little while now. I don't think I can convince my wife to let me get it since I have a '03 R1 that I just picked up a month ago.

I picked up my 40th on July 3 and I love it. No mods yet, but that will change over the winter.

But here's a question of my own. What are you guys doing for helmets? Are you painting, wearing basic black, or have you found a color scheme close to the 40th's burnt orange?
I got mine june 3. Yosh rs-3 full titanium exaust, 3" lowering MPS Black anodized dogbones to match the frame. Black anodized MPS kill switch to match. Front is strapped. Next step is extended swingarm, pc3r, and bmc filter. Love to put on a mild turbo (200-220) but I don't have the extra $$$ for that
I have one. One of the first I think. Just simple mods so far. Love it.