How do you explain it


Ok, I hear you got a new motorcycle, is it a Harley?
NO, it’s a Hayabusa.
What the hell is that?
It’s a crotch rocket.
How fast can it go, will it beat a Harley?
Ya, about 185 mph.
What are you fruckin crazy?
Ya, only guys with big balls will ride one of these. Want a ride?
What are you fruckin crazy, you’re going to kill yourself on that thing, why didn't you buy a Harley?
I wish they understood!
I've been asked countless times why I didn't buy a Harley... usually by my friends who have them. I try to explain that the Hayabusa is a statis symbol in a world they just don't understand. I then ask why they didn't buy a bike that could get out of it's own way. Don't get me wrong.... I love all motorcycles.... including Harleys, but I bought my Busa for MY enjoyment, not so that other people could assume I have a good W2.
They allways ask " wow I heard you gotta a motorcycle ... what a Harley? " I reply " No way! those are for old guys! "
( regardless of the age old is a state of mind ) Some times I tell them a Hayabusa but they dont know anyway so I usually tell " I've got the biggest meanest production sportbike you can buy, it will do about 200 mph stock! "

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You will not find a bike anywhere near as well rounded as the Hayabusa... period. That being said, what is there to explain to other people? Like my master always says, "If you don't get it, too bad. Come back next time."

No offence intended, but what is it with Americans and Harleys? They are slow as #$@% make under 70 horses with their 1500cc. Vibrates enough to curdle semen in your balls ..... not to mention cost a fortune in maintenance!!!!!

Esp since from what i understand in US u have nice long motorways to make full use of the busa. Oh, and CHEAP petrol too!

Oh well, i guess to each their own.
Here are a few things i have heard from harley owners ( i currently own one but am trying to push it out the door

1. "Pearl Harbor"
2. "Man, why do you want to support the japs"
3. "You need to support america especialy since 9-11"
4. "harleys are still better/faster/etc/etc/..."
5. "They all look the same"

and the list goes on with vary idiotic things.

Pearl harbor was bad, but to kill that many people with the atomic bombs was was worse, it may have been teh best option but, that doesnt make it right. Plus, it was over 55 years ago, its time to move on. I hate it when people say it supports america to buy a harley, like buying any other brand doesnt. The money that supports US comes from taxes, and on every bike you pay the same tax. so all bikes support the US. Profits goto HD, not the US, you actualy think they are makeing money to share it with everyone.

Just my 2 cents. I like nearly all motorcycles, just not all motorcyclists.
I don't know what the obsession is either. Personally I think they are slow motion, loud, obnoxious, maintanence heavy, viberating, overpriced, turds. As far as "American made" goes I think it's more like assembeled in America. The frame and engine are made here, but Showa forks? I don't think so. Most of the aftermarket accessories are all made in Japan. I usually look at as 1 Harley = 2-3 Jap. bikes. I don't care weather they hold their value or not. If you do half of the maintanence on our "made in Japan" bikes, you are required to do on a Harley, ours will last twice as long. Also if you look at the costs in the long term Harleys are worth less on a percentage or $/mile basis. I can only see them as a status symbol. Don't want one and wouldn't own one. Just my $.02.


I had one of the Harley riding machinists at work tell me I should get at least a Buell because it had a Harley motor in it and that I would be "buying American". I told him I have a 94 Chevy Silverado, that was built in Canada. My ex-wife got the 97 Camaro Z28 I know, I know, but the build sheet in the glove box was in French, Fabrique au Canada, and my friend's new Suburban said Hecho en Mexico on the door. (ok we like Chevys) another guy listening bought his Honda that was made in Tennessee. So if anyone tells me I should have bought a Harley I tell them that little story.
:usa: I know for a fact that harleys clutch's all come from Japan as well as most of the electronics. A good friend of my is the importer for the clutch's. I also heard that the new V-Rod engine was designed by Porsch in Germany for Harley.
The Honda Goldwing is made in Ohio and a lot of the Kawasaki's are made in Nebraska. My Dodge Ram was made in Mexico.
My point is nothing is truly made in America any more. Everyone has ther own opinion on which bike is the best. I'm just glad we have such a wide assortment of bikes to choose from.
OK I have to add my 2 cents on this issue I would never put anyone alses ride down If they like Harleys thats cool I like them too I wouldnt mind having both If you are into big heavy Big block chevy powered drag cars you have to love the sound and they look good all dressed up but would I trade my busa for the baddest one they make (hell no ) If I had the money I would own both but being able to buy what I wanted when I found the Busa. Well you see what I bought. Different strokes for different folkes I guess . I have heard all that your going to kill yourself crap to and it only goes as fast as you want it to so ..... Most of Harleys hardcore riders came from a very good marketing scheem when America was the only thing they could brand to there motorcycles to make them sell .