How do I tighten front Sprocket once Chain is off ?


I am in the process of changing my front sprocket. I followed the procedure , while the chain was still on, of using a piece of wood in between the wheel and rear swing arm to stop the spindle from turning (had it in neutral as suggested) . So I was able to remove the sprocket nut. But now that I have the new sprocket on how do I tighten it since the chain is off and I cannot use it stop the spindle from moving while the engine is in neutral? What is the proper procedure ?
Interesting. Applying torque in the "tighten the bolt direction" vs the "engine braking in the opposite direction," side-loads the fork?

Turning the sprocket nut and shaft either direction by impact, with the transmission in gear is stressing the shift fork(s).
You can bend a fork with a breaker-bar too, so the transmission should always be in neutral.
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Thanks all I saw a video referencing popping the rear shaft in and wrapping the chain around it with the screwdriver going through it. Seems like the way to go since the tire is off anyway. Thank you to all of you for your replies. Much appreciated.
Huh. If the impact gun would do that. ? Shift forks are barely under load after a shift unless holding lever or gears are tapered/slipping worn. No?

When you put torque on the output shaft, in either direction, with the transmission in gear, the quick twist of the countershaft can bend the forks, as they are currently engaging gears and their pins can be damaged in the drum track.