hayabusa gen 2

  1. SpeederBikeBusa92

    Dynojet PCV/PCVI Worth it?

    If I am reopening something already discussed I do apologize. However I am wanting to do just a little boost of responsiveness on my 2019 Busa and have been torn for wanting to do a PCV/PCVI or sending my ECU off to Moore Mafia (Unless someone in Texas recommends someone else) to get it flashed...
  2. SpeederBikeBusa92

    Hello from Texas!

    Hello y'all! I'm a somewhat new owner for my Gen2 2019 Hayabusa! Bought it last year and it has been a blast to ride! Not sure why I get hate from the guys that ride around here with 600s sometimes saying I'm crazy (every Busa rider is). Been my dream bike since forever!
  3. G

    How do I tighten front Sprocket once Chain is off ?

    I am in the process of changing my front sprocket. I followed the procedure , while the chain was still on, of using a piece of wood in between the wheel and rear swing arm to stop the spindle from turning (had it in neutral as suggested) . So I was able to remove the sprocket nut. But now...
  4. Blizzard920

    What’s the best combo on the Gen 2 on hitting the drag strip it’s bone stock now

    (2011) This bike will only be used for drag racing….I was thinking about starting out with a launch controller ? Brocks side winder exhaust or whatever y’all suggest open for all options .. A tuner or Ecu flash ? , how low to drop the bike ? ? 6-9 inch swingarm ? Do I need to do anything with...
  5. AndysBusa

    Gen 2 busa Ticking at idle/ Backfiring on release of throttle.

    Just bought a 2011 hayabusa with 6k miles. it ticks at idle goes away with acceleration if my rpms are high enough it backfires a bunch on release of throttle. this bike has ebay shorty pipes directly under the bike any ideas? it honestly makes me not even want to ride it because i dont have the...
  6. Bwmtsg23

    2012 busa rough idle/ jerky throttle

    Hey everyone, I’m new to the busa riding but have always had a gsxr 1000 07, 08, 09, and 11 can’t figure out why my 2012 busa takes 2 or 3 times to start. When it does start it, the idle is are 600 rpm and it’s rough after about a minute or so it will idle around 1800rpm. While I’m riding the...
  7. M

    I want to build my GEN2 1441

    Hello I have stock GEN2 Busa 2016, and I want more power. I’m planning to do 1441, but I don’t know from where I start and how much HP it will be!? I’m planning to reach 240 HP !, also I need the bike for street use. my questions: How much it cost to build 1441 ? How much HP it will be with...
  8. Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone

    Aşk benim busa
  9. SavageRock

    Ignition removal 2012 Hayabusa

    Good Day everybody. My ignition became sticky over time and the grooves on my key were wearing. Due to my resistance to getting a new key, simply because the old one was red, to match her of course... Has now broken off and I am now in the middle of the ignition swap... Something that should've...
  10. T

    Gen 2 turbo busa hunt

    Afternoon ladies and gents, For a year or so now I’ve been wanting a street legal gen 2 busa turbo. Now I found one sold by GT’ motorcycles in Plymouth (south west England) in 2013. Which is very local to me. It was built by big cc producing 525bhp. VRN; W13GSX I’m hoping to track down this...