hayabusa gen 2

  1. SavageRock

    Ignition removal 2012 Hayabusa

    Good Day everybody. My ignition became sticky over time and the grooves on my key were wearing. Due to my resistance to getting a new key, simply because the old one was red, to match her of course... Has now broken off and I am now in the middle of the ignition swap... Something that should've...
  2. T

    Gen 2 turbo busa hunt

    Afternoon ladies and gents, For a year or so now I’ve been wanting a street legal gen 2 busa turbo. Now I found one sold by GT’ motorcycles in Plymouth (south west England) in 2013. Which is very local to me. It was built by big cc producing 525bhp. VRN; W13GSX I’m hoping to track down this...