Question on replacing the front sprocket


I want to install a 17 tooth front sprocket on my 2013..... do I need to break the chain or is there enough room to get the sprocket off without breaking the chain ??

The bike is new, so no need in replacing the chain at this time....
You should have enough slack not to have to remove the rear axle.
Just loosen the axle nut and slide the wheel all the way forward, lift the chain off the rear sprocket.
Front sprocket nut is a 36mm and a standard right hand thread.
Leave bike in neutral and hold rear brake, a long breaker bar usually will take the nut off, but sometimes you need an impact.
Thanks for the replys.....

didn't have to remove the axle.... just backed off the adjusters all the way and shoved the tire forward.... plenty of room...
Good, buying parts you don't need sucks so I'm glad it worked out for you!