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Hey guys (and gals) was curious as to how everyone has been finding this site and the board? I look at my log files and have seen that there have been a ton of people that get here by search engines and I know what keywords, but are you guys seeing a lot of links and post other places? Trying to figure out how we are so well known on the internet. Please post how you ran across this site.....


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I was originally told when I bought the bike that there was a owners site on the net. I went through a search engine and found my way to you. I have been loving all the info shared by the owners. Thanx...



i dunno about you guys.. but i just simply typed in variations of hayabusa.blah blah blah.. . you know.. com, net, edu, gov,.. well.. not really the last two. but you get the drift. glad i found it too. i feel like a lame-o sometimes, cause i still dont have a freaking bike. and oh yeah, Narcissus, im getting that bike.. screw the rain and screw my parents. its my life, an imma live it on a bike. thanks for the help and inspiration dude..


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picked up my 2002 busa about a month ago, and thought....... this bike kicks a$$..... I bet there's a web site for this bad boy! went to my computer that night and did a search......Bingo!!


Did a google search and it showed up on the first page.  Was delighted to find it since I missed the old Hayabusa site.  You are doing a great job.  It is a valuable resouce for all of us.  As the weather gets better will probably spend a little less time on it however.


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I knew about the original board way back before I even had bought my bike, since the owner was offering to sell his bike along with the domain name (don't remember the details). Seeing some new references listed on, I came here to see it alive and kicking once again.



I stumbled across this guys web site looking for accessories and found the link to this wonderful site.motorcycle links
This guy has put some time into his site and if there is anything you are looking for try here first.

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:D I had a V Max since 1992  it was not stock and I would look for info on web to build it up.. It was a kick ass bike untill the Busa showed up.. I never thought I would think of it as slow and I would drive my friend with his ZX11 nuts in the 1/4 mile.  Now I have the Busa... I still love the V Max  but it was time to move on. Once I got my Busa I started looking around and found this... The info and the members in here are great I spend hours in here looking around and learning about my cycle. I have not found anything better than this with info on the Hayabusa.


used search engine mamma typed in hayabusa....yours came up the motorheads i got of a link i think from martins homepage cool site dude from australia


i was askin a guy from a car board where i could get more info on busa's
he sent meto this place
he's not a member but he knew it was here cuz he dl'd some video's


I was a member of way back in June of 00. Then the site went down for a long, long, time. I mainly hang out at but I lurk here now also.

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