How did you make your way to this site


Just like the rest. did a google search looking for 'Busa stuff, and lo and I am. By the way, what an awesomw site!! I'm learning a lot of good stuff. Thank a mil for the site Cap'n and hope to get up with some of ya at some point!!:D


i found out from a board member that i ment through a friend. we went riding and he told me about the board.
he has also sold me some parts and cheap and i mean cheap prices. really glad i was introduced to him. also glad he told me about the board.
now im planning for laguna 04.
thanks thumper from portland or. a true friend.
g_calatean from portland or. :D :bounce:


Hey guys (and gals) was curious as to how everyone has been finding this site and the board? I look at my log files and have seen that there have been a ton of people that get here by search engines and I know what keywords, but are you guys seeing a lot of links and post other places? Trying to figure out how we are so well known on the internet. Please post how you ran across this site.....

I did a Google search for "Suzuki Hayabusa" looking for some pics of the bike (the new Flash sux). This site was on the first page.


Go Giants
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I was searching for Hayabusa accessories @ yahoo and found this site, very pleased :D


Someone mentioned it on or I wanted a 'Busa for a while now, so I joined.


i had just sold my bandit and knew that i wanted a busa . so i did a search on msn and this site on one of the sites that came up and i liked this site much better. i like all the good and informative info. now that i have bought my busa i find myself surfing the site more and more.
bad thing is i sit behind a computer at work all day and when i am not busy i am on here or ebay looking at stuff for my


also when i bought my bike the guy i bought it from ..made the comment that is the best site to go to about the busa....


My son turned me on to this site...he has a GSXR1000. I will ask him how he knew about it next time I speak to him.


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I got this site from my wife, while I was worrying about buying the bike, she was on the net looking for things she could buy for me for Christmas, my birthday, just because she loves me soooo much
I am sure she found it through a search engine howevere, that is her typical MO


I heard some of the guys over at talking about it. So I thought I'd come check it out. Just got here but its pretty nice so far.


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I dunno if I've ever seen a link to it from another site... probably have and didn't pay attention though..

I was shopping for a new bike and was looking for info on the hayabusa, and the TL1000.. found suzukihayabusa first. by using SEARCH ENGINES but didn't like the site layout so I didn't do much there.. then I found, and the difference in the members "closeness?" i dunno how to explain the difference,, but i'm sure you all know what i'm talking bout anyway..

long story short.. found a ton of people saying lots of good things about the busa.. and found a ton of people saying things like.. "oh i really like my TL,, i just wish it. . . " etc.. lots of different things.. you don't see that about the busa.. other than "I want digital gauges" haha..

so here i am, and glad to be hear!~


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I found this site by way of the Suzuki TL1000 site, TLOC, they talk about the hayabusa a bunch. I came over to this site to do my research before trading the TL for the busa, nothing like listening to the good, bad and the ugly from a group this size before buying.
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