How did you arrive at your Username ?


i drink 40s lol. well that was my first drink, colt 45 and i would drink ANY 40 so thats where it started ...then it just evolved into drinking everything but i kept "40" cuz thats what started it all and also became a stage more of a bourbon man now but i still have a 40 every now and then...just the taste reminds me of back in the day and everything i came from.


Pretty Interesting stuff you guys got here well my name was cut short Zr- is short for Zero meaning Nothingness and Ultima is short for Ultimate it came from playing Final Fantasy 8 as a kid the final boss in the game is Ultimecia and I thought of the name from there pretty much my name means im the Alpha and Omega im the beginning and ill be your end =D


well it all started when i bought an 86 porsche 944 turbo aka 951. not knowing how to work on it, it smoked a lot hence it was labeled smoking. got known at work as the smoking 944, modified it a bit, smkn951...
but i work on it a few more years and finally ran properly.


Basic Training, I am 6'6" White guy from the Hills of Tennessee (Who doesnt Like Basketball) and the TI named me Big Country, it was already some basketball players name and I thought it was Funny when People were getting "Thug Life" Accross there stomach and I always Joked I was gonna get "KuntreeBoy" drawn like a three year old with a crayon mispelled and Letters backwards and such and it just stuck through the years!


Formerly Rosung Petty
Wow, how do I explain this? So in 5th grade til current I have been a huge wrestling fan. So I got a partner and we formed a tag team and modeled ourselves after the "British Bulldogs" I was PettyBoy Smith, since my last name is Petty! And we were so popular with winning matches people actually thought my name was PettyBoy. That name followed me throughout high school and I had to shortened it.. So PB1 was born and there u have it!

PS on Facebook people still refer to me as PettyBoy and I'm 35,go figure!

PB1 Sent from my ADR6400L using Forum Runner


well hook is part of my name and oneday while involed insome grownfolks activities thats what she said HOOKDADDY


I love to fly planes, fast cars and bikes.
Here are some of my whips.
86 ATC250R Stock Orig. owner.
86 BUICK GN 12,500 MILES,
08 M109R
94 CORVETTE ZR1 650 RWHP 3500 orig. miles
RM 250
Had the GN since high school 1986.






Picture 9.jpg

Picture 17.jpg


me and my z.jpg

TRTRR 3.jpeg


Actually it is supposed to be Phazernut not Phazenut but because of a typo when I regestered it is now what it is. Phazernut comes from my snowmobile hobby from a few years ago. At the time I was riding a Yamaha Phazer so I just chose that name. Now to keep everything the same I use this name on all forums I frequent. Now if the Mods will allow me to get my proper name it would be really cool.


Peace Keeper or Ban Hammer-it's up to you; IDMBT#9
Staff member
Phazenut said:
Actually it is supposed to be Phazernut not Phazenut but because of a typo when I regestered it is now what it is. Phazernut comes from my snowmobile hobby from a few years ago. At the time I was riding a Yamaha Phazer so I just chose that name. Now to keep everything the same I use this name on all forums I frequent. Now if the Mods will allow me to get my proper name it would be really cool.
PM sent


Name is Gary. The wife and her best friend started making up "g" names for me without even telling me, so one day they included me on an email and they had been referring to me a "g-money, g-train, g-dawg" all within a couple of emails. So that became the new running joke for us. While I though most of the name were funny, they didn't really stick out. One day at work, I was telling a co-worker about the "g" names and she had called me "g-funk". That stuck instantly and have been using that since. I also DJ, so that name kind of goes hand and hand with that as well enough so that I even got it made into a decal on the back of one of my helmets. Later added the "o" courtesy of one of my korean friends who makes her own nicknames off of current nicknames, lol


I'm new to the forum and I guess to introduce myself I'll start here.

My user name has two parts.
The first 'minikin': : a small or dainty creature — adjective
The second 'Jo' is my name

(I'm still trying to maneuver through this site, it's set up differently than the other forums I'm in. So if I'm doing it wrong, kindly let me know.)


King of England, good to see ya

Wilson - King of England - YouTube[/url][/MEDIA]


"Superzuki" started when I bought a 1989 Katana 1100. It soon became a super Suzuki then a Superzuki - then I became 'Superzuki' to my other riding friends. Police officers that I worked with, we had Harley and Kawi Police bikes. That Katana was a real missile compared to them. :ehh:

I joined this forum in 2008, but had too little time to get on much, now that I've retired and got a new Busa I decided to use 2012 also.


February 1992, A van stuck a small curb divider trying to exit the highway at the last min at night. After jumping the small curb and over correcting,
the van crashed thru a fence and launched into the center of a small/mid sized pond in front of a trucking company. The van went out pretty far and sunk to
the bottom immediately. Wierd thing was the headlights never went out. Thats how we found it. We went into the freezing water trying to save the two adults and two children.
When we came out of the water clothes turned to ice. Top Gun theme song was on the radio. Im known not to get excited about much and tend to remain calm.
Our unit adopted the Top gunn handles at the time. The team picked your handle. I was given ICEMANN the 2nd letter "N" was to get the license plate at the time.

Not related but the drivers around here drive like this.

Car Wreck EVER on 675! Car Ramps Into Overpass! (Cruiser Cam & News Story) - YouTube[/url]
Crashes Into Bank Dashboard Camera - YouTube[/url]

the best
for laughs cops in undies - YouTube[/url]
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