Horn help


Has anyone mounted and tucked away the Ear Cannon Air Horn :: Aerostich/RiderWearHouse Motorcycle Jackets, Suits, Clothing, & Gear or the STEBEL S.p.A. - horns without dismanteling the dam thing? Anyone? I like the PIAA and the Stebel TM 80 for their size but love the Air Cannon and the Stebel Nautilus for the sound they produce but dont look forward to taking them apart to install them on my GenII.

Replies please and thanks
Pictures would go a far way in helping :bowdown:

If not I'll stick to the non air replacement, sent a pm to Tim
I have done three of the Nautilus installs and each have been working since installation. I installed them on a ZX-14, Hayabusa and a GSX-R 600 without any problems. on the ZX-14 I did not dismantle the horn, but we mounted it inside the right side fairing and it was pointing sideways. On my Busa and GSX-R I installed them in the factory location after dismantling them and reducing the size.

It is easy and straight forward, you will not have any problems with it if you take your time.
Okay Sous, you've inspired me I'm going to make an attempt. Do I have your permission to pm you if I run into any problems?