Busa grabbed the bull by the horn today....


Tired of sounding like minnie mouse.

Man up with this PIAA conversion, I would have installed the 139 Db Stebel horn but alas there is no space for it.

Buy the kit with two for the same price as the single horn. I had to tack weld the stock bracket and bend it a bit to fit.

Use the stock wiring and just separate the black tabs and voila, no more Minnie mouse!


Ah,you mean a loud exhaust?

I still think a loud horn is important in many situations in traffic and a loud exhaust attracts too much heat....

The akro is loud enough at WOT.

i have to do this over the winter but i am leery about modding my horn because the last time i bent some fins on the rad causing a leak when bottoming out the front suspension under heavy load. do you have a good sound clip of the PIAA?
This is one thing I've yet to do and have considered many times.
Kinda with outlaw though as I'm usually buzzing along in traffic at 5-6k RPMS and
Will just wick it wide open on somebody if they need to be reminded where I am.
Although a loud horn is nice nothing says angry biker better than an AlienHead at 10,000 RPMS.
I will record a 3 second burst and post it to you pube.

There are no modifications other than getting the bracket welded up and use all existing wiring.

I dont believe clearance is an issue but Ill let you know lol