HMF Dual High Mount???


I have heard that when you install the dual high mount, that you lose the rear pegs? If anyone has one of these, let me know how you did it. I am also wanting to install the fsd undertail and I want to make sure that it will all fit. I will also need a place to mount the license plate. I would also like to know if there is a way to get a good deal on this for a total price??
Nope, pegs stay.
Here's a pic of Fl_Busa's bike.

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This is great news, But, What if you use the HMF highexit pipes and lower the bike, Will the swing-arm hit the pipe.?
I just got my bike back from the shop after getting hit my an idoit. The bank said that only a shop could do the installation. I had them fit the HMF dual high-mount. I believe the rocket-boy who mounted it put the spacer behind the hanger plate that comes with the system, and then the pipe was both rubbing the swingarm and rubbing the footpeg! The scientist then proceeded to bend the stainless hanger plate to try and compensate, and never got it right. I just got the bike home tonight, and I ended up taking the rear pegs off in order to make it work with the bent plates. It would have been nice to have kept the rear pegs, but since I couldn't do the work myself, it's not going to fit unless I keep trying to bend the hanger plates back to whatever they were supposed to look like.
On the up side, the pipes look great in carbon, and they sound sweet. I only got in a short ride, but it seems like the throttle is a little choppy, and there seems to be a flat spot on the low revs. I'm taking it to be Teka tuned soon, and that should take care of that. Since I haven't ridden in a month, I can't be certain, but it seems like the bike has more power. The dyno will tell soon enough. These pipes weigh about 1/4 of what the stock ones do. I might add that the rear subframe was replaced, and the new one was aluminum. Sweet! That saves some weight off the old steel one, and was an unexpected bonus. :blush:
Hey does any one have some close up pics of the HMF Dual high mount installed. I really want one but I just want to see the fit and finish.
This is my busa.. got chrome rims, gas tank, and levers 03 Busa 40th anv. edition HMF High Mounts pciiir, custom map

Dude, those pipes are Badass!!!!, anyone know approximate pricing on the carbon fiber version of these and where the best plsce to buy them is?
DON'T GET THE FSD UNDERTAIL... Ask anyone who was foolish enough to buy it (including me) the tail DOES NOT come with pre-drilled holes and no one and I mean NO ONE has gotten it to fit perfectly. Everyone has about a 1/4 in gap between the end of the tail fairing and the end of the undertail. Its not noticable to most people unless they are looking for faults. But for $300 bucks it should have fit as perfectly as a condom
dennis clanton aka motorhead from ohio runs

he is a very reputable turbo busa builder. also is a dealer for alot of stuff including hmf pipes.
216 798 1958 (shop #)