HMF Dual HIgh Mounts


Ok peeps.. i really really need your help on this one.. been fighting with HMF and my local zuki dealer... i've got HMF dual high mounts.. just got the (second) set of fairings put on and they (pipes) are still melting fairings(plastics) if anyone else has these pipes dual high or low.. or know's of anyone please let me know. I need to know if i'm the only one with this problem... thanks..
Go to this site.


He has had them on his bike for a few years. He may be able to help.
He's in Ft, Lauderdale.
nope.. have not tried that one ( wrapping them).. they (zuki dealer) used a lot of heat tape today when putting new fairings on.. but when i got home after about a 60 mile ride.. there was the lovely smell of burnning plastic in the air.. and on the bottom of my bike..!!