Exhaust Mounting Question


I am getting ready to put the hmf high mount system on my 2002 black busa. i need to find a good undertail to go with it. I also need to know where is the best place to mount my license plate? Also, is the pcIII that much better than the pcII and what is the price diff???
I myself just recently finished installing my FSD undertail kit. As in for the PC question I believe for the 02 models the busa can only run the PC3R but I may be wrong. I will be posting pics ASAP
I was just wondering if the fsd undertail will work with the high exit exhaust or if I will just need to get the integrator kit?
You should have no problem with using the FSD, the turnsignals are built into the tail section. Be aware that when i bought my FSD undertail i had to drill the holes in it. I'm not sure if the new ones come with mounting holes. I love the look but it was a 2 hour install job. And the fit is not perfect- i have some pics on the board so check it out, before you plop down your cash