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I got the HMF dual High rise in carbon fiber with black vector tip.

I guess I'm not as big a fan of carbon fiber as I thought. I would rather have the black cans with black vector tips.

The Carbon fibers run about $150 more than the colored cans. I'd trade striaght up.

Anyone got black HMF high rise cans they want to trade for Carbon Fiber??

I ride every day so I wouldn't be able to take mine off till I get the trade.

If anyone wanted to involve a 3rd party and send to them and have me do a person to person swap, I'd be up for it.

Lastly, I know the above proposal is slim so should any HMF vendor on the board be able to PM me for a price for just the cans, I'd be highly interested.



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I've gotta think the CF cans look mighty fine on there! I would also have to believe the CF cans won't get as hot as the Blk painted ones~ Just something to think about if you ride two up~
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