High speed in the street


Just curious what the other busa riders are doing in the street.
Top end range of your speed in MPH on the highways and how often ie: one a week, twice a week, once a month, twice a month. I am seeing a lot of high speed videos in the street on youtube mostly liter bikes and was just wondering what the busa members were doing.


don't know about top speed or how often, but I very rarely get on the bike without hitting at least 100 mph once :whistle:

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I am with him. Almost every time I get on the bike I hit 1st and 2nd hard and slow down shifting into third. 130-150 often and I have hit 185 3 times. I think most of the guys here are just a little seasoned and know better then to post videos on YouTube of top speed runs. I bet most of the people here that have a go pro have a top speed run video taped and saved on the computer, just not loaded onto the net.


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I stopped doing that stuff years ago, to much risk and not worth the trouble. Get out to a 1-Mile event and do it legally and safely...

Hayabusa - 0-196MPH half mile & 0-227MPH mile - YouTube[/url]


i do own 5 miles of highway:whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle: with sold sound wall on bolth sides so there is not any where for people to watch on the side of the road:laugh::laugh:it makes for a good time:whistle::whistle:


I gave myself a promise to keep it under 200. So far, I have... :laugh:

On a serious note, I don't get this fascination with numbers. Deep down, and in all the honesty, what really matters is how I feel when riding and what is the most optimal speed for the most enjoyment and at that exact point in time and space. Sometimes, it could be one speed range, and sometimes another - while being pretty far apart.


I've tried to keep it below 100 but it seems everytime I ride I can't do it! I have nothing to show anyone else so I don't Youtube it. I just love the power and speed of the busa!


When I first got my busa I was focused on seeing how far I could make that needle go........ Now I'm just focused on enjoying the ride and honing my skills. I rarely look at the gauges @ all speedo or tach, I ride more by feel and what are within my limits as a rider. Too many texters, cars pulling out, blind spots on truck etc. to be racing around the street with reckless abandonment every chance I get :whistle:


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Straight line speed is easy and it's boring. However, a perfectly apexed corner = Happy Smile :thumbsup:

I limit myself to 80 kts whether it's corners or arrow straight on public roads. What put me in this frame of mind is being on the deck multiple times at triple digits and understanding the consequences when obstacles are involved. Anyone know how far your body travels on asphalt or how high it bounces once it hits the dirt at triple digits? Or, does anyone know what YOUR PERSONAL stopping distance is at or above triple digits?


Never, ever, under any circumstances pass traffic under acceleration, but if the road is clear, all bets are off.

- YouTube[/url]

- YouTube[/url]

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