help me if you can


i was riding this afternoon on my week old busa, got about 500 miles on it, give or take, and i go to clutch up awheelie and the tire breaks loose for a split second and then the bike meaks the horrorific sound, like something breaks, a loud snap sort of, i thought maybe the chain skipped a tooth, the later on i just kind of gave the throttle a quick jerk, just goofing around an it did it again, the chain seems to have the propper amount of slack in it, any ideas?
How heavy are you.....if yer a heavy dude and yer clutching up wheelies but spinning instead.......maybe check to see if you snapped a sprocket tooth, but I doubt it.
Could you tell what side of the bike the noise came from?
Jump the Cush?
couldnt tell where it came from, i inspected the teeth and they looked cool, i think i may have just skipped a tooth, is this common on these?
yeah, that was it, it was too loose, fixed it and she's fine now, didnt think it would streth soooo much in 500 miles, but it did