hello there, newbie in the house. dont have it yet


hey there everybody, just wanted to introduce myself, as the screenname shows i dont quite have my BUSA quite yet, but should in the next week or so, still shopping around, but i look forward to talkin with all of you and learning or trying to learn some stuff from ya'll
ill keep you updated on my search, oh and PS if anyone knows of any for sale let me know ASAP
thanks alot
Welcome to the board Ryan........
Will keep an eye out for ya!
Wassssssssssssssssssss up Playaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
. Get ready to spend sum loot.
Welcome aboard. Take your time shopping, find the one you want and stick to your guns. Do not impulse buy a Busa you are not just completely ApeSh^t over...

Again Welcome...
Welcome dude I just got mine too, It's the greatest thing ever. Kinda like sex with strangers minus waking up next to her in the morning.
But seriously the amount of power is insane, and I can't even take it over 6,000rpm yet.
after 6000 rpms you will know what insane means for real...
after 9000 rpms you will have no words to describe it...
Welcome to the board!!!

Like Rhythm said, get ready to shell out some big bucks, not just for the bike itself
. In one month I have put about $4k into it
Just remember you dont need to sell your house/car/children/wife!?!
Welcome to the board mate
like the rest of the crew says "take your time" buying the bird is the easy part, pick the right mods and get the right parts is the difficult part, a lot of companies make stuff for the Busa (Full exhaust systems, or cans, Windsheilds, Undertails, bar risers the list can go on for days.
I suggets get the bike ride it know what you want read as many posts on this board as possible (See Modifications board)
this is probably the best way and place for you to get info.

I jumped into the busa on a spur of the moment decission and didnt really get to price her out....

One thing you should get for sure is for teh dealer to throw in a helmet or cans or some such accessory.

Keep the board posted...send pictures...any color prefference?