Hello everyone. Plz could someone help, bad vibration 04 busa


Hi everyone. In Daz and brand new to your site. I've bought a 04 hayabusa. I've come from a blackbird to hayabusa. There just one thing that's flicking my nerve if I ride the bike at low revs then everything is nice and smooth until I get to around 80mph. Then the bike starts to vibrate through the tank and bars. It's when bike gets to around 5-6k revs. I now it not tyres brakes etc. as in neutral and just rev the bike u can feel it just has bad. It's making my hands go nub, so at stand still or on the move its the same. I would be very great full if someone could point me in the right direction. Kind regards Daz
I have heard that some of the Busa's have a vibration at certain rpms, my Gen II has a slight buzz at 4500, but I dont stay there long and its not enough to make my hands go to sleep. You could try changing the bar ends to something heavier to dampen it. Welcome to the oRg, I am sure some others will have more ideas and will post up soon.
is the bike very stock looking?if not sometimes [in the olden days] people used to remove the balancer shaft to gain a few bhp...........but this would leave the bike very buzzy.............. usually only on bikes that were dragged or flyered tho.......
Thank you. I have standard bar ends. Also when I bought the bike it came with race cans , gear monitor,crash bobbins, bobble bubble screen. Don't think any of this would make it vibe like it is. I'm not sure if the balancer has been taken off.
I have a 2004 and get a vibration between 89 to 91 mph or so,then it smooths back out ,lets me know when i should check speedo and slow down..lol
vibration in the wheels...steering....or simply engine?
Mines got the EXACT same thing going on and I'm running out of things to check! Good down low, but after 4ish or so it get unhappy, no lose of power and not the "Busa Vib" the all have.
I've checked the clutch, new plugs, new coils, synched the TB's, new chain, sprockets, balanced wheels even though its not speed related.

Next stop is the shop when $$ allows.
It may be something you have to live with. I highly doubt balancer was removed and most other things like bad wheels brakes tires bearing etc rarely cause a severe buzz thru the bars. My hands go numb on my gen II faster than my gen I but I also have contributing medical issues.

I just ignore,and ride. Buy the thickest medium squish grips you can stand. I say buy the thickest ones you can STAND because hands fatigue faster the larger the grip,and also control goes out the window.Dont buy super squishy because they wear out fast and you'll feel the bars thru them anyway.

If everything checks out, you'll have to live with it. My hands don't typically go numb any longer because I've learned a few tricks and gotten use to it. Some of that is pressure related as much as vibration, however my Gen I and Gen II around 4500 would tickle my nose. It took me a little while to figure out it was engine vibration.

:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup:
Not to thread jack, but sounds like the OP and I are in the same boat. I've been living it while I try to figure it out, but cruising at over 4500rpm for more than a minute isn't possible. Ill also rarely go over 4500, just doesn't feel good one bit. It's almost like having a 1/3 of a Busa. :banghead:
Does it vibrate at 80 mph if you pull in the clutch and let the Busa roll in idle at 80 mph??? Just to eliminate that possibly some vibration from wheels /bearings/ or disc is being felt at the bars.

How many RPMS are you doing at 80 mph??? Stock Busa should be just over 4K at 80mph at 5k just over 92mph and at 6K at about 110 mph

Its possible that prior owner changed the sprockets. Be a good idea to check both sprockets to see what size they are some times people change the front or rear or both to improve acceleration and that could increase vibration, to small of a front sprocket could lower the chains life span I hear.

I haven't felt a hand numbing vibration from mine.

I also don't put my weight into my hands when I ride, I try to keep my elbows bent and arms relaxed. I only mentioned the sprockets cause the mph and rpms you mentioned didn't seem to match up with a stock bike like mine. Someone a lot more knowledgeable than me should be chiming in soon. can check that till they do


PS I have also read threads where people have put heavier bar ends to reduce the vibration or foam grips not sure if that has helped them

here is a pic them Kawasaki-Bar-Ends-3T.jpg can't give you link, but I am sure someone here did try increasing mass at the bar ends to reduce the vibration

I know that riding 05's through 07's, that there is a type of resonance range around the 88-92 MPH area. Depending on what gear you are in when you reach that speed correlates to how much a "slight" vibration you should feel. It should go away if you drop below or go above that sweet spot. The only other experience that I have seen with this, is the clutch Cam Set not being aligned "Dot to Dot" during reassembly. It can cause a vibration as well. Hope this helps.
Thank you everyone for your comments, just a update on where I'm at. I've stripped the bike right down to metal. On inspection I've found the front arm that holds clocks was very lose. I have a good mate who is coming tomorrow to give it a good going over. He has had four hayabusas and stripped them all to frame and rebuild. So fingers cross we might find the problem. It could have been front arm but it got to 1130 pm so didn't want to upset neighbours. I will let you all know tomorrow if we find the problem. Once again thank you for all your help regards daz
Hi it's not the gearing, as the bike vibrates when stood and just rev it. It vibes through the tank and bars. Regards
Hi it's not the gearing, as the bike vibrates when stood and just rev it. It vibes through the tank and bars. Regards

Unfortunately what yer facing sounds like "par for the course."

Members are suggesting a gearing change in order for motor RPM's to be changed at the desired speed you wish to travel.

Raising or lowering the RPM's out of the buzz zone may be the only way to adress yer problem.

Nobody is suggesting you have a malfunction with a sprocket.

Make sense?

Thank for the advice. If I can't cure it the bike will have to go. As it gives me bad cramp, it's like drilling a wall with a hammer drill. I use to have a 2000 hayabusa 6 year ago and never had this problem. I will see what tomoz brings. Fingers cross regards