Hello all!


I have been around these site for last four plus years. This is one board I haven't given a 'fair shake'!

There are a lot of great people here, a few I know, more that I look forward to getting to know.

I'm a fair person. I love to laugh. I ride to live and I live to ride. I'm a sponge for information, so if I ask a question twice, bare with me, I'm just trying to absorb more than I can!

Great site!
See ya around!

Peace, Chris
Welcome cookie, i know you hang around superkaos.com more than here hehe. Keep your hands out of my cookie jar !
Hi Spanky (LOL) U know I'm just kidding Cookie I remember seeing you around over at MOTORHEADS site ntill that incident with the board going dowm for mainteance and getting that screwed up message when you signed back on. So where you been hide'n latey?