Haya's in the Hills 2020!!!! May 10th-May17th 2020

Berlin Germany

dear josh :) (and to all who might be concerned)

bib big sorry that I repeat myself again, (but i feel to have to - old men like me allways repeat ;-) )

did you already change the chassis´ geometry by :
- front 15 mm down
- rear 30 mm up? (forget in this 1st step the wide handlebar) ?

not yet changed?
try !
by first riding a well known curvy road half an hour with your standard chassis and doing then the change and riding same road again.
the entire change needs about 1.5 - 2 hours
plus about 30 bucks for the shortened swingarm´s rods
plus 15 mm distances for steering plate
plus 4 allen bolts and their new nuts

I am absolutely sure that you will bei heavily surprised how handy and easy steering you feel your busa (all models ´99 - ´18) !

if you now got pretty hot for more handiness and agility add the superbike bridge including 760mm wide handlebar (+ lonnger brake hose) to your bike and you will think you had an other bike. (a bit expensive - here in germany about 400 €)

then, so to say as the dot on the i, add a radial brake pump and a radial clutch pump of a e.g. ducati 998.

if then so little power is required (for steering, brake and clutch),
one is ready to drive a deathifying (17 in 6 years) route like e.g. the dragon´s tail with the lowest (least) possible body power effort.

why that all?
the less body power you need to ride the more you can concentrate to road what increases the general scurity a lot.
other way around:
the more dangerous a route is, the less you are allowed to be distracted by the force that is required.

promised - with all the changes above, the broad grin (up to your ears) will never leave your face - that easy the busa will be driven.
(and if not, then I no longer understand the world )

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