Hayabusa Vs. Banty Rooster


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so I was crusin around with my pops sunday afternoon... He rides a later model kawi standard bike so we pretty much just sight see when he's around.

we were just piddlin' down this little two lane road back in the mountains past a few little small town communities when it happened...

(jaws music starts to play slowly) da da...........da da..... etc.

I come out of a mild left hand turn into a short straight with a few little homes on the left, and a ditch, and a bank to the right..
A chance to feel the rush of a hayabusa wide open in second gear?.... nah.. just cruise my brian says.

(jaws music speeds up..) da da ... da da... da da... da da...

I'm really only running about 35mph.. and honestly I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been.

one second i'm cruisin feelin' cool.. the next I see it... coming out of the weeds from the right.. it's a rabbit? cat? dog? muskrat? weasel?.. oh spit! it's jumpin in the air... it's gotta be a rabbit!!... now wait.. thats a bird! a buzzard? a crow?.. who knows.. it's not too big.. not to small.. but black, and red... the.... as if posing perfectly in my vision for just a split second I see it's profile... a chicken. I'm about to collide with a chicken! .. my $10,000 machine.. fastest bike in the world is about to be brought to it's knee's by a lowly chicken flying into my airspace.
(psycho sound effect) wheee whee whee whee whee


it felt like somebody hit me in the chest with a 40 pnd medicine ball... but the damn thing fell into my lap and I could hear it.... Ba-Cock! Ba-Cock!!

I finally had to reach down, grab it, and throw it off of me, and the bike.

amazingly enough it was no big deal really.. I would have hated to hit it at any real speed. My shoulder is slightly sore, and my front shield has a few small scratches from the chicken hitting it before it slammed into me.

The chicken seemed to be okay... dad said it hit the pavement and rolled around then jumped up and ran aroudn in front of him for a while then waddled off muttering something about

"stoopid bikers ain't got no respect fo a chickin'!"
I can just picture that banty rooster trying to fly through you, scratchin, peckin, yellin, flappin wings, oh poop that funny stuff.
ROTFL, Dude That is seriously funny...Playing chicken takes on new meaning...
Glad you and the bike are OK. I had a similar thing happen to me with a pigeon. It hit me square in the chest (at about 40mph) and fell onto my tank. It just sat there stunned for a minute and took off when I came to a stop. I swear I heard it scream just before it hit me.
I would have wrung that rascals neck, plucked and gutted and strapped him to a pipe and had roasted rooster when I got back home...
I would have wrung that rascals neck, plucked and gutted and strapped him to a pipe and had roasted rooster when I got back home...  
OH Damn Thats a funny Image...Rollin down the streat chicken safety wired to your pipe, sizzlin.... Need to have a bottle of BBQ Sauce and a brush strapped onto the pillion seat for effect though...Funny....
My bud was ridin behind me and I ran over a frog and it hit him square in the chest! When we stopped and I looked at him........I just about fell to my knees in laughter.........he had flattened frog still splattered on his jacket! It was nasty lookin!
I heard about a guy hitting a sparrow on the highway going fastest enough that it broke his collar bone but never a chicken.
Sounds like BBQ material to me. Just for spite. Damned chicken anyway. Cornell Recipe chicken sounds good.... mmmmmmmmmmm....... Chicken.

i almost fell out of my chair.  

then i read busapilot911's post.  and i did.  (swear i heard it scream)
gotta be the funniest thing i've read in a long time.  
(da da....   da da... da da..  da da. da da, da da.. Ba-Cock!)




haha... glad my "moment of terror" brought smiles to your faces... ... I stopped about a mile up the road and could hear my old man laughing from about 500ft. away... he is still laughing everytime somebody mentions it.
That is without a doubt the craziest incident I have every heard. hahah. I could only imagine seeing that in person. If I was your dad I would wrecked my bike due to laughter of seeing you fondling this chicken. Too good.
Glad you're OK. I was riding behind a friend several years ago and saw a similar incident. There was a group of buzzards on the side of the road and just as we approached they took flight my buddy caught one in shoulder at about 120. Luckly he was in full leathers and the shoulder pad took most of the shock. The impact still turned him about 90 degrees on the bike and left a nasty bruise.