These are how many of our babies were made.  

Here are the Hayabusa production figures---

Period number built
Dec 1998-Mar 1999 6700
Apr 1999-Mar 2000 18,120
Apr 2000-Mar 2001 13,950
Apr 2001-Mar 2002 7390
Apr 2002-Mar 2003 11,400
Apr 2003-Sep 2003 3,200

Total 60,760

So it look's like less and less  
Glad i got mine now.If the 05 is better then i will have to upgrade.
and by those figures,

1 in 6 Busa owners are on the site already. Thats not takin in to question how many are wrecked or parted out.

Pretty good odds if you ask me.
Welcome to the board and all but I really would like to know where you got these numbers.

Could you reference a source? Forgive my skepticism, not trying to be a bobo it's just that nobody has been able to produce any real solid production numbers. Suzuki isn't very forthcoming so I would like to know where the numbers came from or how you arrived at them.

Thanks man.
Motorcycle News---MCN
The #'s are from MCN and the story was on why they are not going to build the Triumph.The #'s seem OK to me 60,000+ for 5 years.
OK Cool Thanks, I appreciate it. But I am pretty certain that MCN is just guessing. An educated guess perhaps, but a guess nonetheless. How would they get hard numbers from Suzuki when the rest of the world has not been able to? I read you links above and I dunno... Thanks for the info though.

And I noticed at the other site someone who sounds like a dealer mentions 3500 2002 SE's made...So who knows...

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